Bitcoin Wallet Setup

Bitcoin is not much different to the digital money that we use today. Think about for instance apps that we use like Zapper and SnapScan. In order for you to acquire, store and send Bitcoin, it’s necessary for you to have a Bitcoin Wallet. This wallet can be an app on your phone, a program on your PC, a code on a piece of paper, a NFC card or a hard-wallet in the form of a USB stick. There are many many more different types of wallets out there. So it’s important that you find out which wallet will work best for you.

For new Bitcoin users who don’t need to store a large amount of Bitcoin and need a wallet that is more versatile and easy to use, we recommend installing and using a simple cellphone wallet. An example of such an easy wallet is a wallet called Coinomi and can be found in the Google Play and IOS store. 

If you are in need of a wallet more specific to your needs, you can go to and find the full list of recommended Bitcoin Wallets.

You can click here to find this list

Finished reading and studying everything above and still struggling with the installation of a Bitcoin Wallet? For the modest fee of R350 we can do it for you. Setup an appointment today to pop by our offices, the process will take about 20 mins.

Please note that when doing the installation, no one (including us), sees your Wallet Seed! We recommend storing your Seed on paper in a safe place. Storing your Seed electronically, including via Cloud, Whatsapp, Email etc, is a security risk. Nothing is immune from hackers.